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Privacy Policy

This app requires the following mandatory information:

Location data (manual or automatic) and App Instance ID for core warning functionality
Data controller is Michael Diener - Software e.K.; data is pseudonymized, stored in the EU, automatically deleted 180 days after last use

Cookies and similar for storing settings
All settings for the app will be saved in the browser.

Cookies & Advertising ID for showing advertisement
Data controller is Google; More Info & Settings

Sharing the following information is optional and it would help us to improve the app:

[Yes | No] App Instance ID, Advertising ID, and Cookies for analytics
Data controller is Michael Diener - Software e.K.; data processor is Google Analytics; data is pseudonymized, might be stored outside of EU via Privacy Shield, automatically deleted after 14 months

We try to be as transparent as possible about data use. If you have any questions about your rights, you can contact us via the help menu or at web@rain-alarm.com. You can change your privacy settings in the help menu.